Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Update....

Jordyn is still in the picu. No more seizures yet but doctors believes this is just how Jordyn is gonna be. We just have to get oxygen on her quickly and give emergency med.   - Melissa


  1. Jordan is getting ready for her first of many back surgeries in October. Her back is so survere that if we dont have the surgery, she will die. She will also be wearing oxygen at night. I update her facebook weekly on Jordyn barker. She has become more verbal and a joy to be around. Thanks to everyone for their orayers at this time. I lost my job of eight years and have not been sucessful in finding one so Jordyn only has medicaid which doesnt pay for everything. We will continue to fight til the end. With everything that has happen this year we are grateful for the prayers. For everyone that follows Jordyn remember to visit take a look at what brandon made for jordyn. Www.gofundme/ or her fb. I only can post on here and her facebook. Again prayers are needed. Mom

  2. Jordyn has a 62% curvature on her back and her surgeion said she is next on schedule. She will be in the hospital for three days where she will have her back cut from top to bottom, rods placed, and bolts attached to rin cage. She will have a box placed in the middle of her back that will need adjusted every 6 months. This will be very hard on her,me and my other two children. With no family here and no help from her dad this will be a struggle. We will get through this surgery and the rest to come. The kidney doctor looked at her hole(vesticostomy) and said it looks good. When she gets older he can reverse it where she will urinate like most females but we will have to cath her. She will never be able to urinate like most females. She failed her sleep study which means she stoos breathing 20 times an hour so we are waiting for medicaide to approve her oxygen. With losing my insurance i only have medicaid for jordyn. I am also trying to go to college to get a degree im hopes of getting a better job, better benefits that what i had, and better company than what i was dealing with. On a brighter note Jordyns birthday is coming up on August 12th. She will be three. She cant walk but she did get her wheel chair now we are working on her seizure dog and a couple other items needed for her. She is repeating words and can say most anything if you repeat alot. She may be extermly behind but she is making progress. I pray daily that god lets me keep her and everything else and I hope you will too. We didnt get this far to fail. With love for jordyn and my other two.